Indulge in our locally grown herbs, lettuces, microgreens, and berries with exceptional quality, exquisite taste, and enhanced nutrient profile

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Our delicious assortment

Our microgreens are grown in a dedicated vertical farm under LED lights and are available year-round. We employ organic seeds, organic soil, and fresh well water for their cultivation and harvest the greens on the same day as they are sold.


Grown indoors in optimal conditions, free from pesticides and GMOs

Higher nutrients

Fifty percent or more increase in proteins, vitamins, and minerals


Locally grown and harvested on demand at peak freshness


Fresh produce, ready to eat from the pack, no washing required

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Our favourite varieties

The growth time of our Greens varies depending on what you want to plant:


Sustainable local food production

We’re committed to sustainably cultivating top-quality crops and take pride in serving our community with environmentally friendly produce suitable for diverse culinary applications.


Vertically grown lettuce has elevated flavor, heightened nutrient density, and longer shelf life expectancy


We customize the herb’s flavor profile with our proprietary plant recipes


Our microgreens boast higher concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals

Baby/teen leaf

The locally cultivated baby leaves at Vertical Farms Ltd. stay fresh far longer than imported varieties


Our berries are best enjoyed when the leaves are small, offering a juicy and perfectly balanced sweetness