Vertical farming

Vertical Farms Ltd operates a state-of-the-art vertical farm in Malta. 

The farm utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as AI, IoT, wireless sensors, and  innovative software to make every day a perfect day for our plants

No pesticides or GMO

Prolonged freshness

Minimal water use

Healthier plants

Vertical Farms A modern plant Factory

About us

A modern plant Factory

Vertical Farms Ltd aims to redefine plant growth with carbon negative, recyclable, sustainable farming methods. Our practices result in significantly reduced water and land usage, and eliminate chemical use. The result is an  up to 100-fold increased growth efficacy per square meter, and produce with up to three times more nutrients and vitamins than their field-grown counterparts.


Sustainable local food production

We’re committed to sustainably cultivating top-quality crops, spanning herbs, lettuce, microgreens, and berries. Leveraging cutting-edge vertical farming technology, we nurture our produce in a controlled environment free of harmful pesticides. Our locally grown, nutrient-rich produce is harvested at peak freshness, guaranteeing superior flavor and texture compared to its traditionally imported counterparts. We take pride in serving our community with sustainable, environmentally friendly produce suitable for diverse culinary applications.


Vertically grown lettuce has elevated flavor, heightened nutrient density, and longer shelf life expectancy


We customize the herb’s flavor profile with our propieatary plant recipes


Our microgreens boast higher concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals 

Baby/teen leaf

The locally cultivated baby leaves at Vertical Farms Ltd. stay fresh far longer than imported varieties


Our berries are best enjoyed when the leaves are small, offering a juicy and perfectly balanced sweetness


Vertical product benefits

Healthy produce

Our produce is healthier than most, with up to three times more nutrients and vitamins.

Longer shelf life

Shorter supply chain and cold harvesting gives our produce up to three times longer shelf life 

Stable quality

Our software powers the factory, ensuring consistent high-quality plants every time

Better looks

Every day is a perfect day for our plants, resulting in new heights of delicacy

Better taste

By careful adjustments of climate, airflow, photons, and nutrients, we craft a distinctly enhanced taste


Consumers can rest assured that our plants are as healthy to them as it is to our environment


Nothing beats fresh!

We help you make intelligent choices at every stage

Our growth stations

Vertical value proposition:

A pioneering vertical farming concept with world-class:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Automation

Our long term goal is to produce 1000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables in Malta.

“The key to the successful execution of this project is straightforward:
Assembling a team of exceptional individuals who recognize the
unparalleled scale and significance of the task at hand.”

Pål Storehaug
Founder & CEO


Give back 10 percent of all arable land to nature


Accelerating a sustainable food production system

We help solve important challenges

Low water use

With closed-loop recirculating systems, water is constantly recycled, resulting in a 90 percent reduction in water usage when compared to traditional farming.

Low area use

Vertical farms maximize space utilization by vertically stacking layers of crops, resulting in higher food production per square foot compared to traditional farms.

Hyperlocal production

Vertical farms can be built in urban ares, significantly reducing transportation, CO2 emissions and the need for food storage refrigeration.

High quality all year

Vertical farming eliminates adverse weather conditions, leading to shorter harvest times and increased volume, all while preserving flavor and quality.

Good for the environment

By utilizing 90 percent less water, eliminating pesticides, and minimizing land requirements, vertical farming offers a highly sustainable alternative.

Improving health

Vertical Farms provide some of the healthiest food options available, with up to three times more nutrients and vitamins.



Cultivating sustainability is all about collaborating for the greater good. Here are a few words from some of our collaborators.

Pål Storehaug
President & CEO

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Pål Storehaug
President & CEO

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